There is a Not Safe for Work (NSFW) image in today’s column.

Greetings to all from Calico Blackie!

Everything is the opposite of the way it SHOULD be

When I was a kid, we used to trot down to the corner store to get the latest Superman comic book. Once in awhile, the issue was about a strange place.

A REALLY weird place.

Everything in this place was the exact opposite of the way we perceived things are here on earth.

The exact opposite of the way it SHOULD be.

It was called Bizarro World.

As kids, we laughed at their strangeness and stupidity.

We laughed at how backward those citizens of Bizarro World seemed to be.

We laughed at how wrong their society was.

Today, when I hear people casually make remarks such as:

Buying that blanket if he couldn't afford it was a bad decision. When you belittle and hate someone for needing help, YOU are part of the problem

“People are poor because they want to be poor.”

“People are poor because they made bad decisions in life.”

“Why should I help these bums? I worked hard all my life. They can too.”

“If student loans are forgiven, and foreclosures are halted, then I want my car loan and mortgage forgiven.”

“A CEO deserves their big salary and bonus because they work harder for their money.

When I hear people saying these things, I think to myself….This IS Bizarro World.

"Full of pathetic, stupid creatures"

First off, no-one wants to be poor.

Oh yes, there are lazy and worthless people out there who will con and take from other people with a minimum of effort on their part.

Wall Street (if you’re privileged) and the prisons (if you’re not) are full of such people.

Second, of course people make bad decisions. It’s called being human and making mistakes.

It’s just that some people get lucky and don’t have to pay as high a price for their mistakes. Or, they screw and hurt other people to get out of the messes they’ve created for themselves.

We call these people ruthless.

Jamie Dimon. JP Morgan-Chase CEO. A ruthless, pathetic creature. He doesn't care about his country. He only cares about money

We call them CEO’s.

We call them “good businessmen.”

We give them huge bonuses and big salaries for being ruthless and pathetic creatures.

We reward their evil willingness to shaft their fellow humans in the greedy pursuit of money.

We are falsely led to believe they are the “job creators” and “pillars of society” in our Bizarro World.

Third, you should help those less fortunate than you. Help those people that were unfortunate enough to make those bad decisions because it’s the HUMAN thing to do. It’s one of the major things that sets us apart from the animals.

Which leads me to……Fourth….

"I want my mortgage forgiven too, even though I've got plenty of money. Screw those poor students"

YOU don’t deserve the car loan forgiveness or mortgage forgiveness because YOU DON’T NEED IT.

You’re just being a greedy pig with your “me too” attitude.

Some people need help. When only the wealthy could afford a college education, college tuition is too high.

Screw ‘em if they’re poor, you say? Let them work at McDonalds, you say?

Well buddy, the next time you get sick, just think….  Maybe the kids that served you your Big Mac and were working in the service industry because they couldn’t afford college might just have invented the cure for YOUR cancer if they had been given the chance to go to college.

Anyway…..Fifth…..  Saying a CEO deserves an obscene amount of money because they work hard for their money is a big slap in the face to every working person in America. It implies that YOU don’t. Did you ever think about that?

But, back to this Bizarro World we live in.

Not safe for work because two out of the three people in this image can be classified as "obscene" in our Bizarro World".

We are a confused species.

A bizarre species.

Our values and priorities seem to be screwed up and I don’t know why.

Our perception of what is or isn’t obscene is downright bizarre.

This leads me to question whether or not our perception of right from wrong is completely askew.

What is obscene? Three people walking topless on the beach is obscene because two of those people happen to be female?

And yet, the 1% sitting on more money than they can ever hope to spend in 100 lifetimes while the middle class gets dismantled in this country is not obscene?

Safe for work image: Murdered Dead Twins scene from the movie "The Shining".... Not obscene?

Is it because of our puritanical roots that we have this bizarre perception of obscenity?

Who knows?

All I know is that it’s time for a serious re-definition of our society and what we regard as civilization.

Women’s breasts are obscene, but chopped-up children are just fine and dandy?

Being poor and/or homeless is bad and should be punished, but money is speech and corporations are persons?

Greed is rewarded and compassion for your fellow humans is seen as a weakness?


Again, back to Bizarro World……….

Have you seen this story?

Rents keep rising as home prices stagnate

They buy the house for less, so they can charge you MORE! Time to re-examine our societies morals

“Renting used to be cheaper than buying. But in many U.S. cities that’s no longer the case, as rents continue to climb and home prices stagnate.”

“While asking prices for homes declined 0.7% over the past 12 months through March, rents rose 5%, according to a report released Thursday by real estate listing site Trulia.”

“A lot of people who were owners lost their homes in the bust in these places,” said Kolko. Many of them turned to the rental market, boosting demand and driving up rents, he said.”

“Meanwhile, asking prices for homes nationwide crept lower over the past 12 months, according to Trulia. That, along with record low mortgage rates, has made buying a home more affordable than it’s ever been and a bargain compared to renting. However, many Americans will not be able to seize this historic opportunity to become homeowners, said Kolko.”

"Supply and Demand" is nothing more than an excuse for the rich to exploit the poor. It is evil. FIGHT EVIL

“Unemployed, too broke to come up with a down payment or with credit scores too battered to qualify for a mortgage, many people simply cannot qualify to buy a home right now, according to Kolko.”

“With fewer consumers able to make the leap into homeownership, rents could continue to climb higher, he said.”

Link is here:   http://money.cnn.com/2012/04/05/real_estate/buy-rent-home-prices/index.htm?hpt=hp_c1

Calico Blackie says:

THIS IS EVIL. This is the people with money exploiting and screwing those less fortunate. In our Bizarro World, it’s called the law of supply and demand. Maybe this is WRONG. It’s time for a serious re-definition of our society and what we regard as civilization.

But, it gets even more bizarre! Look at this story…..

Oakland Police Department Sees Itself as a Victim of Occupy 

Just look at those poor cops being "victimized" by that woman!

“Nearly six months have passed since the Oakland Police Department raided Occupy Oakland’s camp in Frank Ogawa Plaza, and the dust has yet to settle.”

“Much of the fall and winter were marked by mass demonstrations, repeated clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators, and hundreds of arrests.”

“As both sides gear up for what could be a momentous May Day action — and an equally large police response — at least four investigations are still probing law enforcement’s use of force on the evenings of October 25 and November 2.”

“Three of the inquiries are being conducted by OPD’s Internal Affairs Division, its Criminal Investigation Division, and by the Frazier Group LLC, a consulting firm hired by the city. The Frazier Group, headed by former Baltimore Police Commissioner Thomas Frazier, was retained to prepare an independent analysis of OPD’s handling of last fall’s protests.”

Just look at Scott Olsen "victimizing" the Oakland Police!

“The report also portrays OPD as a victim of violent Occupy Oakland protesters.”

“The report goes into significant detail about alleged “assaultive” behavior by Occupy protesters on the night of October 25 and how a group of officers had been surrounded by angry demonstrators that evening at 8th and Washington streets before being “rescued” by fellow cops.”

“These officers exhibited a great deal of restraint while surrounded by an angry, assaultive crowd,” the report states.”

Link is here:  http://www.eastbayexpress.com/ebx/opd-sees-itself-as-a-victim-of-occupy-oakland/Content?oid=3167707

Calico Blackie says:

Of course the Oakland Police Department is going to say they are victims.

Such a nice, warm human being. He saw himself as a victim too. Mayor Quan...Is this your police chief?

It’s the same thing Heinrich Himmler said of the Nazi SS concentration camp guards when he said in a speech that the SS really had a tough job and that it was hard for them to retain their HUMANITY while participating in the mass murder of millions of people.

It’s a Bizarro World alright when the cops can flagrantly deny the PEOPLE their constitutional rights.

Can beat, severely injure, rubber bullet and pepper spray citizens……..

And still claim that THEY are the victims.


We know better.

And we will not forget who you are.

It’s time for a serious re-definition of our society and what we regard as civilization.

It’s time to change this “Bizarro World” that has been forced upon us by the 1%.

It’s time to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the corporate media and our leaders who tell us what is or isn’t obscene and/or right.

It’s time to RISE UP!

I only hope that the Occupy Movement hasn’t come ten years too late and that we still have the time and numbers to force a change for the sake of all of our futures.

Let "JUSTICE" win the day!

I also hope that apathy has not replaced optimism and determination.


Keep the faith, Occupiers



(Oh, by the way…We “made the rent, barely, this month, so we’re good for another 30 days!)

Calico Blackie  @kidakita

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