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PUT ON THE MUSIC, BABY! Sex, drugs, rock n roll! LET’S HAVE ROUGH SEX! We’re screwed, alright

By now, if you have even half a brain, you’ve realized mainstream media news exists solely for its entertainment and propaganda value.

If it doesn’t interest us, we switch the channel and their sponsors commercials don’t get watched.

Their ratings go down.

They go out of business.

So, in response to this dilemma, the mainstream media news gives us what they think we want to see and they also give us the news Corporate America wants us to see.

That way, we’ll tune in and be mesmerized by the bullshit, AND we’ll watch the commercials telling us what saints Monsanto, Big Pharma and Big Oil are for giving us the processed GMO crap, poisons and pollutants they’ve convinced us we need in our everyday lives.

But, what the hell.

There’s no convincing the herd, once they’ve been convinced that jumping off the cliff is the best way for them to go. They don’t even realize they’re headed for the cliff and I sure as hell ain’t telling them!

Top of the news today?……..

Lululemon’s black yoga pants return to stores after being pulled from shelves in March for being too sheer

Oh, what the hell. Why not just make it official and do yoga naked? Oh, that’s right. We couldn’t impress each other with our $92 pants!

Lululemon is starting to get its Luon black yoga pants, which were pulled in March for being too sheer, back into its stores.

That bodes well for the company, analysts said Monday. And the see-through snafu didn’t affect Lululemon’s brand too much, says Canaccord’s Camilo Lyon.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. had blamed the sheerness on a style change and production problems. It hired a new team to oversee the making of the pants, which cost about $72 to $98.

The company has said it expects to lose $57 million to $67 million in revenue because of the pants problem.

But that hasn’t mattered much to its stock. Since the company announced it was pulling the pants off shelves, its shares had gained 18 percent. The stock added another $1.48, or 1.9 percent, to $79.29 Monday.

Link is here:

Oh, look: Cookie cutter people! And they impress each other too! Fuck ‘em.

Calico Blackie says:

“The pants, which cost about $72 to $98???”

If you’re paying $98 for what are essentially long-john bottoms, you’re fucking crazy. You’ve fallen for the hype and propaganda.


Butt, back on topic…..

Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll (celebrity news), and best of all VIOLENCE. That’s what we want to see on the news.

Oh, that and stock prices. Don’t you wish you owned a few thousand shares of yoga pants stock? Work harder and you can! This is America! The land of opportunity!

It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to see bad things happen to someone else.

It entertains us to fantasize about yoga asses in skin tight outfits.

We enjoy seeing celebrity train wrecks.

And we like our booze and drugs (prescription or otherwise).

We love seeing bad things happen to someone else, somewhere else and we say: “It doesn’t happen here.”

Here’s one for ya……….

American tourist gang-raped in northern India: police

The woman was picked up by three men in a truck late on Monday while hitch-hiking back to her guest house in the town of Manali in Himachal Pradesh state, police said.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the alleged attack, Himachal Pradesh police chief B. Kamal Kumar told Reuters Television in the state capital Shimla.

The woman told police her attackers took her to an isolated area and raped her.

Just because you might think with your dick, it doesn’t give anyone an excuse to commit assault/rape

The woman was taken to a local hospital for preliminary tests before being taken back to her guest house, said a local police inspector, who declined to be identified.

“We are in contact with authorities but due to issues of privacy we have no further comment,” Peter Vrooman, spokesman for the U.S. embassy in New Delhi, said in an email.

In March, a Swiss tourist was gang-raped while on a camping trip in a forest in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. In the same month, a British woman jumped out of her hotel balcony in Uttar Pradesh state to escape a possible sexual assault.

Sex crimes are common in India.

Link is here:

To say the woman who was gang raped in India was an idiot and “deserved it” for hitchhiking is akin to saying Hayden Panettiere (or anyone else) “deserves it” for wearing a bikini in public

Calico Blackie says:

“Sex crimes are common in India.” NO SHIT?

At first glance, I’m tempted to say: “She was hitchhiking in India? What an idiot!” But maybe her car broke down. Maybe she WAS just plain stupid and didn’t know any better. Maybe she was one of those trusting souls that think nothing bad will ever happen.

At any rate….

Whether she was stupid, trusting, the victim of car failure, or whatever….


But, that wouldn’t happen here in the good ol’ USA, would it?

We’re not Third-World subhuman rapists, are we?


Speaking of what wouldn’t happen here in the good ol’ USA……

Did you notice this story?………

Locked doors a sign of China work-safety failings

If there’s such a thing as justice in the end, then you know Saint Steve Jobs is burning in Hell, thinking a horrible mistake was made

A fire breaks out in a Chinese factory, and panicked workers discover one exit after another is locked. That describes not only the poultry plant fire that killed 119 people Monday, but a toy-factory blaze that left 87 workers dead 20 years earlier.

The similarities between the two worst factory fires in China’s history suggest that little has changed for industrial workers even as the country has transformed its economy.

The bolted doors, clearly a violation of Chinese law, are emblematic of the often callous approach to worker safety in China that leads to frequent industrial disasters and an annual death toll in the tens of thousands.

While the country’s increasingly sophisticated economy has surged into second place globally behind the United States, industrial safety conditions often more closely resemble those in struggling impoverished nations such as Bangladesh, where more than 1,100 people died in an April garment factory collapse.

Link is here:

“Cheaper than timber”.  No unions here to impede the “progress” of the “job creators”!

Calico Blackie says:

Back before the mines in the United States unionized, the miners had a saying:


It was more profitable to use as few timbers for shoring as possible where wood was scarce and expensive, because it was easy to replace miners who died in cave-ins.

But, you know…..



You know damn well that American manufacturers would/will do the same thing to us again if it meant an extra dime to the value of the company stock.

The people who say “All unions should be abolished” are just licking the asses of their corporate masters in the hopes they will get an extra crumb from the bosses table.

No union here either. Why didn’t she go to school and “major in something useful”?

Just wait until the Prison Industrial Complex really begins to flourish.

Go to college and “major in something useful” you say?


We can’t all be doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

Workers and other manual laborers are needed in any society and just because someone was too poor to go to college or lacked the brain power to become a worthless lawyer doesn’t mean that they should be exploited and brutally treated by their employers.

Those “major in something useful” assholes just like to say that because it makes them feel superior to their fellow human beings.

This is how I feel when some brainless shitball says: “Oh, the unions were necessary in their day, but we don’t need them anymore.” HOW NAIVE CAN YOU GET, IDIOT?

Watch those people carefully. They’re no good. They’re the same people who, if it were politically correct, would be advocating to “ship them niggers back to Africa” (or, to gas Jews, for that matter).

If they had lived in 1938 Germany, they would have said: “SEIG HEIL….We live in the greatest country in the world.”

They’re the blind followers who don’t care if we all get poured down the toilet as long as they “get theirs”.

I used to say we should educate those types of people. That we should talk to them about the issues.

Try to convince them that we’re being led to the slaughterhouse.

Well, after years of doing just that, I’ve come to the conclusion that those people are beyond helping and that we should just remember who they are so that they could be among the first to go to the wall when the revolution comes.

If it comes.

If we’re not all hypnotized by the Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll (celebrity news), and VIOLENCE that the mainstream media has been feeding us.



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