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Another debate.

It’s a horse race, folks. A match race between two thoroughbreds owned by the same stable, running a race that was decided in a boardroom months ago.

It’s amusing, and yet sad to watch the unwitting bettors in the stands cheering for their “horse.”

Can you hear the race call?

The pollsters are screaming:

“It’s Obama in the lead by 3 points, but here comes Romney closing the gap!”…..

“Now, it’s Romney by a nose and Obama is catching up!”……

 “They’re neck and neck!”………..

“There’s no telling who will win!…………


Who will win the race?

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Who really cares anymore?

The debates are just “Bread and Circuses” for the masses.

A distraction designed to give us the illusion of choice and to keep our minds off of the fact we’re getting screwed harder and harder every day.

People will tune in to the debates tonight to hear what each candidate has been coached on and told to say about the issues.

It doesn’t matter what they will say.

The Obamites will think their man won and the Romulans will swear up and down that their man won.

Of course, both “sides” will be wrong.

Jamie Dimon and his crime family will win tonight’s debate, just as they will win every debate up to and including the election.

Yet, the media frenzy is in full swing with the race call. Here is an example:

The first debate: High stakes for Obama, Romney

Should you vote Betty, or Veronica? Who’s leading in the polls? This is just about as relevant as the Presidential polls in a rigged race

Just 34 days out from the November election, there’s little argument that tonight’s presidential debate – in which President Obama and Mitt Romney will go head-to-head for the first time in this campaign – is a high-stakes affair for both men.”

“With polls increasingly showing Mr. Obama leading Romney by varying degrees, both nationally and in battleground states, the Colorado match-up offers each candidate a critical opportunity:”

“For the president, it’s a chance to shore up his support and solidify what appears to be a recent advantage; Romney, meanwhile, has perhaps his best remaining shot at seizing a much-needed boost in momentum after a disappointing couple of months.”

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Calico Blackie says:

Screw them. Screw them both. Let them play their games and think they’re fooling all of us. But, we’re not all fooled.

Some of us know when we’re being hosed and it doesn’t matter if the dick is a red dick or a blue dick.

The fact remains…….

We’re still being screwed.

Romney or Obama?

Guys have debated the “Veronica vs Betty” and “Ginger vs Mary Ann” question for years.

It’s just like the “Obama vs Romney” question with one main difference…


But, Obama or Romney sure are going to get to screw you!

Just remember, they are just the “dicks” that will do the screwing. WALL STREET is the body that owns the dicks.


Don’t think you’re immune.

When it’s YOU being told to work longer hours “for the good of the company” and to be a “team player”……..

When it’s YOUR family that suffers………

When it’s YOUR job that gets eliminated anyway……..

When it’s YOUR home being foreclosed on…..

When it’s YOUR family that suddenly finds itself homeless…..

….Hearing news about how the economy is improving, or how high the Stock Market is, or what bought-off cocksucker is winning a rigged horse race will not mean a damn thing to you.

A good job. A good wife. Oblivious. Everything is going so well. How can anything BAD happen? Do you think Obama or Romney are going to matter to him in a minute?

But, just like I can’t convey the feelings that I felt when a doctor gave me a diagnosis that could have very well been fatal, “pending further tests”, to someone that has never faced the immediate prospect of dying…..

….I can’t convince the average American of the fact that unemployment, poverty and homelessness can happen to them.

When it does happen to you, it suddenly becomes very easy to see through the bullshit bread and circuses and other trivial little items that life throws up to you.

It suddenly becomes irrelevant who is leaving who on what soap opera or other TV show.

It suddenly becomes irrelevant whether it’s Betty or Veronica, Obama or Romney.

You just want it to STOP.

You just want it to get better.

Well, guess what?

Just like a patient who suddenly finds himself/herself facing a terminal disease….

It ain’t gonna get better unless YOU find the will to live. It ain’t gonna get better unless you choose your allies carefully. And……

It ain’t gonna get better unless YOU FIGHT.

When you fight for others against the Wall Street banksters, you’re fighting for YOURSELF too. You’re helping to fight the terminal illness that is killing our country and strangling us. Wall Street is a cancer.


I think I’ll vote for Veronica this year!

I’ve said it before…..

When you go to the polls in November, go to vote on the propositions and local issues.

Just know that whoever gets voted in to the White House won’t make a god-damned bit of difference in the long run.

Wall Street will still win.

People, it’s time to change it.

Let’s make this the last Wall Street bought election.


Calico Blackie   @kidakita